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FACT CHECK: Were Several Brands of Baby Wipes Recalled in 2017 - 1st March 2017
Claim Reviewed: Several brands of baby wipes available in the U.S. were recalled in 2017 because they pose a risk of serious infection.
Fact checking Donald Trumps interviews with Fox and Friends reporters on the White House lawn | PolitiFact - 15th June 2018
Claim Reviewed: “The top (FBI) people were horrible. You look at what happened. They were plotting against my election.”
Zika Virus Caused by GMO Mosquitos - 29th Jan 2016
Claim Reviewed: A recent uptick in Zika virus infections is linked to the introduction of a genetically modified mosquito farm in Brazil in 2012.
FACT CHECK: Do Huggies Wipes Contain Glass Shards - 21th Aug 2015
Claim Reviewed: Some lots of Huggies brand baby wipes are impregnated with tiny shards of glass.
Doctors Warn Never Clean Your Child with Baby Wipes No Matter What - 27th Oct 2016
Claim Reviewed: Doctors are now warning parents to never use baby wipes because they contain a "chemical" called methylisothiazolinone.

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