Claim: Breast Cancer Cure News: Chili May Help in the Battle Against Breast Cancers Scientists Say The Christian Post

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FACT CHECK: Can a Chemical in Spicy Peppers Help Cure Breast Cancer - 20th Jan 2017
Claim Reviewed: Capsaicin, the spice-causing molecule in chili peppers, can help beat breast cancer.
McCaskills false claim that she wasnt here when the DEA bill was passed The Washington Post - 17th Oct 2017
Claim Reviewed: "I did not go along with this. I wasn't here at the time. I was actually out getting breast cancer treatment."
Does an HHS appointee believe abortion increases a womans risk of breast cancer The Washington Post - 25th May 2017
Claim Reviewed: “As a breast cancer survivor, the spin on abortion and breast cancer really troubles me."
Texas state booklet misleads women on abortions and their risk of breast cancer The Washington Post - 14th Dec 2016
Claim Reviewed: "Research indicates that having an abortion will not provide you this increased protection against breast cancer."
FACT CHECK: Did Pastor Scarborough Blame Womens Impure Thoughts for Breast Cancer - 10th May 2017
Claim Reviewed: Pastor Rick Scarborough asserted that breast cancer is caused by women's "dirty" thoughts.

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