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Did a NASA Study Conclude That Burning Fossil Fuels Cools the Planet - 30th Jan 2017
Claim Reviewed: NASA now says that burning fossil fuels cools the planet.
NASA Warns Nibiru Is Headed Straight for Earth - 5th July 2016
Claim Reviewed: NASA has warned of imminent disaster due to the trajectory of another planet that will intersect Earth's orbit.
Marco Rubio took three quarters of a million from fossil fuel executives heckler said | PolitiFact Florida - 29th Aug 2017
Claim Reviewed: Says Marco Rubio took "three quarters of a million dollars from fossil fuel executives" during the 2016 Senate election
Faso was paid for his work on pipeline project | PolitiFact New York - 18th July 2016
Claim Reviewed: "John Faso took money from fossil fuel companies as they tried to take your land by eminent domain for a fracked gas pipeline."
No the United States isnt the cleanest country | PolitiFact - 23th Aug 2018
Claim Reviewed: "I want clean air. I want crystal clean water. And we’ve got it. We’ve got the cleanest country in the planet right now."

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